Monday 2 April 2012

Trenches and Bunkers

Earlier this year I took delivery of a set of trenches from Grand Manner in the UK:

This is just a representative sample... I have more than a metre of trenches all together, with a variety of zigzag sections, corners, gun pits, junctions, and (as above) a section of command entrenchment.

I didn't paint these (except for the gun and crew in the bottom photo, that was me). Grand Manner offers their scenery painted at an additional cost, and I decided to have them sent to me all dressed. They were (very!) expensive, but I couldn't be happier with them. The detail is really nice, the paint jobs are fantastic, and the resin is heavy and seems tough. My only regret is that I don't have more! I would love to do a larger entrenchment, but with what I paid for these, it will be a long time before I add to the collection. Price aside, the photos speak for themselves. A+

I also recently bought some bunkers from Baueda:

These ones I did have to paint. I used my airbrush to give them some subtle colour variation, with patchy areas of green-ish and brown-ish. It's not super obvious, but I'm happy with the effect. The bunkers were very nice casts and required no clean-up at all before I primed and painted them. I have a 'Tobruk' bunker as well, but I need to build a little hillock to put it on first.

The vines are SceneMaster Botanicals, which I bought at a railroad store ages ago. I was excited to get them home and use them, but when I opened the package I discovered that there was very little foliage to be found, especially for the price I paid. So the vines sat in their box for quite a while before I found something I was willing to use them on. They were a bit of a pain to shape and glue on, and it remains to be seen if they will be strong enough to withstand wargaming usage. They look pretty nice though.

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