Monday 24 September 2012

Market Day

One of the scenarios in the Operation Enduring Freedom book for FoF takes place in and around an Afghan market. I spent the weekend in a cabin in the woods, and after hiking all day I was able to get in some hobby time building these guys. They are all scaled for my 15mm figures and made of styrene. I didn't build these to a plan, I just improvised with each one.

I built them for FoF, but, being Afghan stalls, they should suit for anything from Dark Ages forward. Which is convenient, what with my having just finished a bunch of Dark Ages figures.

These are all works in progress. Obviously they still need paint, but I'm going to load them up with wares for sale as well.

The whole set:

A produce stall and a bin:

Multiple bins:

Some rugs on the ground, with a tent to give some cover:

A rug merchant's stall (rugs still to come):

Not sure what's going to go here, but there will be wares hanging on that backboard, with more in the bins and on the table:

This one was a brainstorm: a barbecue stall! I'm going to add some gratings on top, and maybe some meat grilling:

A shelf, some carpets, and a table:


Three produce stalls:


  1. These look great, looking forwards to finished versions!

    What are you planning to use for Afghan civvies?

  2. I have a few stands of civilians from QRF miniatures. They are not very nice miniatures at all, but they are the only even remotely appropriate figs in 15mm I could find.