Sunday 20 November 2011

Mordheim: Back to the front!

The game we most often play when I go home to the frozen north is Mordheim. It's easy, fun, looks good, and there are a million options for everything.

My regular game group here in Burnaby have recently (re)-discovered Mordheim and we have had a few games recently. Here are some photos of my Marienberger mercenaries facing off against Bryan's cavemen. The Marienbergers had a fairly easy time with the cavemen, due to some imbalance in the army lists and Bryan's newness to the system.

The mercenary force ready for battle

The mercenary force ready for battle

The cavemen sneak up on the right flank

Mercenaries advance up the centre

Cavemen falling victim to the hired sniper on the Mercenary side

Mercenaries advance on the left flank

More cavemen shambling out of the ruins on the right flank

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