Saturday 21 June 2014

Saga Vikings

I have started work on a new warband to fight my 15mm Picts - Vikings!





I bought enough Khurasan Vikings to make up a warband of either Vikings or Jomsvikings, depending on my mood. The shields are decorated with Little Big Man transfers.

I still have 24 Warriors and a Jarl to complete before they are war-ready, but that shouldn't take too long. I also have a special game table planned for these guys, which will be a huge project in its own right.

Saturday 7 June 2014

Boudicca and Gemina

I hosted a game at the Trumpeter Club last night pitting Boudicca and her Britons against the might of the Roman XIV Legion, Gemina. These are 10mm Pendraken miniatures and we were using Warmaster Ancients to play the game.

I had my light box set up today for something else, so I thought I should photograph my ancients as well, since I don't have a good photo record of them.

The game:

Brits form up to charge the Romans!

This one chariot stand kept annoying the Roman lines for most of the battle, and just wouldn't die.

Yep, that's Grace!

The figures:

Legions, Praetorians, and Auxilia, plus command stands

Same, from behind
Same, from above

Same, from above AND behind omg

Skirmishers, Heavy Cavalry, Archers, Onager, and Scorpions (facing the wrong way like idiots)

British Warbands, Skirmishers, and Fanatics, plus command stands

Brit Chariots and Light Cavalry