Friday 30 September 2016

Pulpocalypse: Power Pylons

I was able to secure a set of plastic high-voltage transmission towers on Amazon. They were easy to assemble, and they're big, especially next to my little 15mm wasters - I didn't think to throw in some miniatures for scale, but the bottom cross-piece probably comes up to mid-chest on one of the figures.

I used a heat-gun to soften the plastic enough to make them lean in a properly post-nuclear fashion.

The only downside to these is that in the real world, they would be so far apart that two of them would never appear on my game table. I'll just have to use the power of IMAGINATION to justify having a row of them towering over my buildings!

Thursday 29 September 2016

Pulpocalypse: The Sons Of Atom

I posted an in-progress photo of a couple of these guys earlier, but here's the whole batch. They are Khurasan 15mm figures, and I think they are great. Every one is different and has his or her own particular mutation.

And here is the Pulp Alley roster I made for the group. Baron Sunday is the short guy in the top hat; PepNChed is the two-headed guy in the back; Chompy is the guy with tusks in the back left; Springheel Jack is the one wearing red and yellow; Humpy is the guy in the front with the hump back (and the shirt with his name on it); Zits is the muscly guy with the gross tumors; and Slick William is the tentacle-armed guy in the center. There are a couple of muties left without a spot in the team, but they can be brought in as allies or reinforcements or whatever they're called in Pulp Alley.

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Pulpocalypse: Roads

Taking inspiration* from Stu's post here about making ruined roads, I bought two vinyl flooring tiles and set to work on making my own set. I don't think they could have turned out any better!

*translation: blatantly stealing ideas

This is just a representative sample - I have 6' of roads in total.

They take a bit of work with scissors, an X-acto knife, and a fine-scale gouge, but the end result is great. I made a stamp with some foam glued to a piece of wood to do the lines, and that resulted in a really patchy look, which worked perfectly.

Sunday 25 September 2016

Pulpocalypse: Pharma Jon

I spent a lot of 2016 not really thinking about miniatures much, but in the last while I got inspired to start building the assets I need for a 15mm post-apocalypse game. I have a bunch of stuff made and painted, and I'll start posting pics over the next little bit.

First up is a drug / aid shop. I built this out of scraps of styrene card, on a frame built out of pieces of a high-voltage transmission tower. The lower half of the tower was laid on its side and I slapped a bunch of random bits of crap on it to form the walls, but the underlying structure isn't very visible. The upper half of the tower got turned into a little watch-tower of sorts next to it.

More soon!