Sunday 6 November 2011

Games Workshop Fantasy Fences

Fantasy fences? Wouldn't fences in a fantasy world look pretty much like fences in a regular world?

Well, you would probably think so, but in typical Games Workshop style, these ones have been pumped up with a bunch of extra, ostentatious details to let everybody know that these are fantasy fences. At various places you will find skulls, gravestones, strange holy symbols, and steel morning-stars bolted, for no apparent reason, to tree branches. Some of the details were a bit much for my games, so I snipped them off... the holy symbols and morning-star had to go.

Overall, though, the fences and walls are really nice models, with really good detail and lots of interesting character, even after the extraneous silliness has been removed. They will make a good addition to my gaming table for sure.

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