Tuesday 18 September 2012


I have just finished some 15mm Picts for Saga and, eventually, Dux Britanniarum (I have both rules, just not enough time to play them all!). This is enough for a 6-point game of Saga, and more than enough for a starting force for Dux. I also have 8 horsemen and a mounted version of my leader that haven't been painted yet, but they can wait.

These figures are from Splintered Light and, in my opinion, super nice. The poses look good and the casting is as clean as any I've seen. They were a pleasure to work on.

On with the Pictpics!

12 Levy Javelineers:

24 Warriors with spears:

8 Hearthguard armed with misc stabby things (but they all count as spears in Saga):

And my mighty warlord:


  1. Very nice. I like the plaid you managed to paint. Would you mind sharing how you did it on 15mm? All the tutorials that I have seen are for 28mm.

  2. I second all the comments above. I never even considered Saga in 15mm Now it has me thinking


  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I don't have a big secret technique on how I did the plaid, just a fine brush and going deliberately slow. I had some problems with the first few models when the paint didn't go on the way I expected, but I sorted that out by coating the figures with matte spray between the base colour and the stripes, and by watering my paint down a lot more than I usually do.

    I also tried a few bits with a very fine technical pen, but the ink from the pen dissolved and flowed around as soon as I put the final protective gloss on! So don't use a pen, paint is the only way to go.