Monday 21 January 2013


What the F is a Quar?

I have a bit of a strange history with the Quar. Several years ago I saw a painting - the cover of a game book or something, I couldn't quite remember which - with a group of strange, funny-but-sad looking little (alien? fantasy?) guys wearing WWI-ish kit, and packing strange rifles. I thought the painting was really cool when I saw it, and for some reason or other it stuck with me ever since. I tried finding the rules and miniatures again, but no luck: for some reason, Google doesn't return useful results when you type "cool painting I saw one time with weird anteater-looking guys with rifles."

Just a few months ago, following a link from TMP, I was looking at some new figures sold by Zombiesmith games, which I thought were very cool. I checked some of their other miniature lines, and imagine my delight when I found Songs Of Our Ancestors, the cover of which features the painting I remembered, and the Quar.

Long story short, I decided I had to have some. There are two games published by Zombiesmith to go with the miniatures, and I bought the Songs Of Our Ancestors book even though I don't know if I'll ever play the game. I wanted the art and the story and the painting guides. I also got 3 squads of Quar, from the Royalist, Crusader, and Partisan factions. If I ever do decide to play the game, I'll have a lot of options - though I'm already thinking about what I could add to the mix - Squirrel handlers? A cook with some pigs? Automatic shotgun? Cavalry?

The only downside to the saga is that it took 2 months (!) and several emails before I finally got them. Happily, if I want more, my local game store can get them, so I can avoid the pain of ordering them direct.

I've only had time to do half of one squad so far, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

And, of course, I had to try them out in my trenches.


  1. These look awesome!
    The delay to get them to you makes me sad and I apologize.

  2. Well it all worked out okay in the end, no hard feelings!