Friday 29 March 2013

Force On Force Pre-Convention Playtest

I had some friends over for a game of Force On Force last weekend, ostensibly to play test one of the scenarios I have planned for Trumpeter Salute, but mostly to give myself a refresher on the rules before hosting two public games. We played Bomber In The Bazaar, from the Operation Enduring Freedom source book, somewhat modified to make it a bit more winnable for the Coalition forces. As it turns out, the game was still really hard on the Coalition - I'll have to adjust it a bit more to make it fair for the tournament.

Here are a few random photos from the game.

Civilians mill about in the Bazaar.

Just another quiet market day...

The view from NE.

A Canadian fireteam and their Human Terrain Team enter the bazaar to disperse the crowds.

A group of Taliban get ready to cause mayhem in the market.

Despite having seen his compatriots mown down by a Canadian fireteam, the lone survivor of a Taliban cell remains defiant! (from behind a compound wall)


  1. That's some beautiful scenery. Looking forwards to your report!

  2. Very impressive, I will look out for this at Salute.