Monday 29 April 2013

Coming soon-ish: A Force On Force campaign

I spoke to a few people at Trumpeter Salute about starting a Force On Force campaign. I'm going to have to miss the May game night, but I would still like to start it up in June. I'll post more details later, but here's the basic idea:

- The campaign will centre around a (fictional) platoon of Canadian soldiers fighting the Taliban in Kandahar, Afghanistan, around 2006-7. We'll be using the Force On Force campaign rules.

- We'll be tracking the progress of the 'characters', not the players. So anyone can drop in for a game, or miss a game, or even switch sides from game to game if they like, without interrupting the continuity of the storyline.

- For the first little while, the games will be small. We may even be able to get in several games per session, depending how things work out. Later, the battles could get larger with more support options (like when I get my LAVs!!).

- I'll post AARs here, on my photo log, and on Facebook, in case people who aren't playing in the campaign are still interested in watching the progress (and/or decline) of the soldiers and the insurgency.

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