Sunday 8 December 2013

LAV-III Update

It feels like a looong time since I posted anything, and the reason for that is that it's been a loooong time since I worked on anything but my LAV model!

For something that's essentially just green, it has taken a huge amount of work to paint and weather. I've had to research and try a bunch of new techniques and materials to get the dust looking how I wanted it. Also, I added a lot of extras, some from kits and some scratch-built.

A list of the add-ons that I have put on the model since the last time I photographed it:

- scratch-built toilet seat
- water bottles taped to the antennas
- cardboard boxes with scratch holding straps
- scratch-built tarp
- scratch-built stretcher to hold the coolers and boxes in back
- misc. bits n bobs all over

Still to do: Paint the figures and build a diorama for it to live within!


  1. That looks amazing! The dust is superb. I love the stretcher and toilet seat- but can you enlighten me as to what the water bottles do on the antennas?

  2. Agreed. Love the coolers and toilet seat.

  3. You see those water bottles in every photo of a LAV in Afghanistan. From what I understand, they are used as IR glow-stick holders - the troops will put glow-sticks on their antennas to help with vehicle identification at night, and by taping a water bottle to the antenna, they can just stick a glow-stick in there instead of taping a new one to the antenna every time.