Thursday 19 February 2015

Throwback Thursday: The Ol' West

My original intention in starting this blog (or, as I call it, my phlog) was to document the miniatures that I have painted, mainly so I have a record of what's hiding in all those plastic shelf sets in my closet. I haven't felt constrained by that intention at any point - I'm perfectly happy posting battle reports or capsule reviews or whatever, and I have done so.

In keeping with my original motivation, though, I decided to start posting photos of some of the figures that I have painted either before I started this phlog, or that never made it on here for one reason or another - one offs, role-playing figures, and other odds and ends. So I'll aim for one post a week, showcasing some figures I have in reserve.

This week, have two sets of Black Scorpion (I think?) Old West figures. One set is a group of western ladies, and the other set is a bunch of rough, and possibly drunk, cowboy types. I got these figures just to paint them, with no game in mind, and they were a ton of fun.

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