Friday 13 March 2015

Throwback Friday: Mythos Investigators

A couple of years ago, Uncle Mike from Strange Aeons had a booth set up at Trumpeter Salute. I had the chance to try a game and thought the figures were cool, so I bought the rulebook and a couple of packs of figs.

I have never yet actually played a game of SA (other rules keep getting in the way... it was around that time I got Force On Force, and that took all my gaming energy for the next year or so), but I did paint up some of the miniatures.

From left to right, we have a Cultist high-priest type, an Innsmouthy fishman (I added the anglerfish dangler), and three investigators.

When I painted up the miniatures I wasn't particularly happy with the sculpting. There isn't a lot of fine-grained detail and the cultist, especially, was very hard-edged, as though the master had been whittled out of wood instead of sculpted with putty. Even the folds of the cloth came to a sharp ridge instead of a smooth curve. It was strange.

Anyway, after having painted them up, I think they look nice and make for very useful miniatures for pulp-type gaming. The miniatures are cast in some sort of very strong, but lightweight resin, and are effectively indestructible - you could throw one as hard as you want against a wall and it wouldn't take any damage.

My wife and I both still have some unpainted miniatures, and there's one in particular that I think I'll need for my ongoing Pulp Alley campaign, so it's high on the painting roster.


  1. Great. Especially the Cultist and Innsmouth figure.

  2. I quite like the checks on the lady (and her dress turned out very nicely too). The pin striped vest over yellow looks dashing as well.

    The black lining on the cultists yellow symbols really make it pop. Fine work here.