Monday 13 April 2015


It feels like a long time since I have posted any new painted figures. I have been busy, playing games with the figures I have, flying my quadcopter, and doing a ton of overtime at work.

A while ago I got it in my head to reduce my collection of unpainted minis, and these guys had been sitting in a box, primed, for ages. They were expensive figures, and they are very cool, so they seemed like a good place to start.

What do I plan to do with them now that they are painted? I just got a set of Old West rules, and I think doing western-style games with the Quar would be perfect, so I may set up a game like that at some point in the future. Games are secondary, though, I just like the Quar because they look so cool.


  1. Great work! I really like the different patterning you did on the steeds.

  2. They look fantastic (as usual) Cameron. The blue, and maybe the cut of the uniforms, very much makes me think of the american civil war for some reason.

  3. Very well done! Especially the texture of the basing is fantastic.

  4. Thanks! There's no secret to the bases - I just put plaster on the washers to level them off to the height of the miniature's integral base, paint it all a sort of tan color, and do a brown wash. I might add some grasses yet...