Sunday 14 October 2018

The Chompbot - Back From Limbo

Late edit: a few more golden-hour photos of ol' Chompy

According to this blog's entries, the last time I posted about the Chompbot was in March of 2013. Since then, this model has sat on the shelf, half-done. A few months ago, I was inspired by an "Unfinished Business" campaign on Armorama to pull the Chompbot off the shelf and take the time to finish it.

Finishing the Chompbot itself wasn't hard (aside from getting it to support its own weight on those skinny chicken legs). I spent a lot of time hand-sculpting the dead Evil Vegetables to put on display on the floor in front of it, though. In the course of doing so I taught myself how to mold and cast the sculpts, too, so I now have molds for the 3 of them in case I ever want some more to work on for some reason.

I'm happy with how the Chompbot turned out - it's a really fun model. The next phase of its life will be to decorate my desk at work, and to menace the vegetables I bring for my lunch.


  1. I really like the 2nd photo with the red of the sun tinting the yellow. The veggies are a hilariously awesome touch. Kill count in the grinding war attrition of GARDEN WAR 3032.

  2. damn glad i found this super creative i absolutely love it, you should make more things like this