Wednesday 18 May 2011

Bolt Action 28mm

So here's my first post. I'm starting with a showcase of the miniatures I've been working on lately, some plastic 28mm Canadians and Germans.

I picked up a box of the plastic multi-pose Germans a few months ago to use in a Savage Worlds pulp RPG I was running, and I was so happy with how they turned out that I decided to paint up a full force of Germans and Canadians so I could have a proper wargame with them. Of course, not being satisfied with the Poor Bloody Infantry alone, I ordered a Cromwell tank to fight with the Canadians (as a British ally, as far as I have been able to determine the Canadians didn't use Cromwells) and a SdKfz 251/1 half-track for the Germans.

The Canadians are painted as members of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division. The NNSH were right on the pointy end of the Canadian invasion of D-Day and the German counterattacks in the days and weeks that followed.

Section 1:

The Germans are painted as non-specific Heer (regular army, as opposed to SS or Luftwaffe) troops. The Germans are really just there to get shot by the Canadians and lose the war anyway, no point in spending too much time on their background.

Squad 1:

Squad 2:

Cromwell tank:

SdKfz 251/1 Halftrack:


  1. Great work! The basing is nice and I especially like the rear-shot pics showing their various kit. Well done.

  2. Thanks! I spent more time on the figure's backs than their fronts, so I wanted to make sure they had their moment in the sun too.

  3. What do you mean the Germans are just there to get shot at :-) Nice work, I can see the tank being used in a movie instead of a real one like in the old days before all this animation stuff.

  4. You're correct, any Cromwell tank is from a nearby British unit. Canadian armoured regiments would be using the Sherman V and Vc Firefly.

    You could use a Churchill if you'd like. British tank brigades equipped with Churchills were often assigned to support Canadian divisions. Crocodile flame tanks were very popular for obvious reasons.

    The North Novas fought 12th SS HJ Div in the Normandy battles a lot.

    Assault divisions (like 3CID) had the MkIII 'turtle shell' helmet. Nice work though. Love the 'five o'clock shadow' on the squaddies.

  5. Great post, made up my own plt of North Novas,