Friday 27 April 2012

BMW Motorcycles and Sidecars

Well I thought my next post was going to be a divergence from my regular WW2 shenanigans, but I have a club night coming up and need to finish a few items for a game I plan to host there. So here are the last of the actual miniatures I needed to paint for club night:

These guys were a bit fiddly to put together, and I feel like I could have done a better job of painting them if I had taken more time and care, but like I said, I have a deadline approaching. They look cool on the table, and they can be pretty nasty with their MGs!

Plus, what's cooler than a sidecar?


  1. Very nice...must resist...... bugger ;-)

  2. Lovely as usual! Have three of them still in their package myself, but sice I do not need them right away, I kept away from their fiddlyness so far. ;-)

    Only thing... Balkenkreuze only go on fighting vehicles. Trucks, Jeeps and Motercycles did not count as fighting vehicles in the German army.