Tuesday 10 April 2012

German Big Guns

I went a bit nuts taking photos of these guys, but they look pretty inspiring set up in the trenches:

I have thought about adding some camo netting to the poles sticking up around the gun pits, but I'm worried about it causing playability problems. It's one of the many, many items on my to-do list, though.

My next post will be something very different, I think...


  1. Looking good!

    Never liked the wheels on the carriages (replaced them with wheels for a horsedrawn version on mine), but that des not deminish your work!

    Regarding the camo netting... Just build a small frame from wood with the camo netting that can be removed. The netting does not need to go to the ground to look good, but can be left hanging down. If you want you can add small magnets to the poles and frame to make sure it stays in place.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm thinking I might actually create some netting and starch it, so it's rigid, and it can be just lifted on and off like a hard roof. My mom knows a thing or two about starching cloth, so I'll have to draft her.

  3. Starch... one thing I had not thought off... but a good one! ;-)