Saturday 24 January 2015

More Hospitallers

I have been diligently continuing work on my 15mm Hospitallers for Saga. This time, I have a unit of levy Pilgrims and some command/character types.

First, the Pilgrims:

A levy unit in Saga is twelve figures. A pack of peasants from Legio Heroica is six figures, so I ordered two, giving me the twelve I needed. Astute viewers will notice that one of the figures in a pack of peasants from Legio Heroica is a pack horse, so yes, my pack horses will have to do their part in the war against the heathen!

Knights Hospitaller are not actually allowed to field levy in Crescent & Cross, but I wanted a unit in case I decide to switch things up and play my Hospitallers as plain Crusaders at some point.

Next, some commander types:

I have here three mounted men brandishing swords (any of which I could use as a warlord), a flag bearer, a priest, and a trumpeter. Crescent & Cross has rules for troubadour and priest characters, as well as adding standards to units. All of these figures should see action at some point, though I doubt I will use the trumpeter much - too bad, because I think the Maltese cross I painted on his back is probably the best one I've done yet.

That big red flag will be the only bit of bright colour in my regular forces and I think it will look out of place, but that's what Osprey and the internet tells me they used, so that's what they get.

So all I have left to paint for my planned Hospitallers force at this point is two units of four elite cavalry. After what I've done so far, eight more horsemen will be a snap. These last two units will bring my force total to nine: two points of Hearthguard (8 figures), two points of mounted Warriors (16 figures), three points of foot Warriors (16 spearmen plus 8 crossbowmen), one point of Levy (12 figures), and a Priest for one point (one figure). I doubt I will ever field a nine-point army, but this gives me the flexibility to swap units in and out to make up whatever sort of force I feel like playing.


  1. Wow! You did an incredible paint job on those figures. And I like the Legio Heroica peasants, I might get some myself for my Andalusian project.
    Concerning the colors of the flag: As they used natural dyestuff, there was no standard and no one can be sure what they exactly looked, so go with the shade you like most. Although I have to say I like some bright colors on my table!

  2. That's good stuff !!
    The painting is impressive in this so small scale !
    I'm always stunned with figures in 15mm.

  3. Lovely work! The red flag is a great eye catcher.