Wednesday 18 January 2012


I recently finished a Canadian and a German command team. The figures are Bolt Action and they were well-cast, with very little flash or mold lines at all. There were some issues with crud in the tight spots, for example around the end of the German signaller's rifle and the ground. Cleaning up even the small quantities of flash and miscasts on the models reaffirmed my preference for plastics... even when there are problems, they are so much easier to fix on plastic figures.

The Canadian command squad:

And the German command squad:

So the figures are really nice and they paint up well, but I honestly don't know when they will ever see action. These guys are definitely not squad or platoon leaders. They look like company or maybe regiment commanders, and I'll never* game at that level in this scale. I may be able to find a scenario or two that has an attack on an HQ or something...?

*Yeah, I said "never." I suppose I'll probably have to eat those words at some point.

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